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Miistyle is one of a Beaded Accessory Brand on originally designed and/or parts coordinated due to you make a good choice. As well as, it is not to propose only to create new original design or large formal accessories as an artist. Day-to-day event, A mama for the kids is necessary lots of things to take care of them at the home, it should sometime be outside. Even though, in a time like this, my home hand-making beaded accessories as a mama is for a change of my free time with friends or the other mamas. At the same time, it is good opportunity to talk about how to care of the kids such as to a free friendly kid circle which it is enjoyable experience. In the future, it will be seen good style on my beading done to continue in my life due to daily improved motivation. This is called my Mii-Ko Style named to Miistyle.


Miistyle Owner; Hiromi Miyazaki
(Miiko; Pen Name)

2000 - 2005; Used to live in Boston MA U.S.A.
2002; Miistyle was launched that is only for a daily library at the web-site
2005; Moved to live in Tokyo JAPAN
2008; Started to have a beading class at Tokyo Bethel
2011; Moved to Frankfurt am Main in GERMANY

Professional Credentials

Japanese Kimono Sawing 2nd Grade
Japan Gakusyu Forum;
- American Beads Stitch
- Professional Beads Stitch
- Pearl String

Working Opportunity

Designing with Unique Stitch Created
Original Handmade Items

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